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Folder Lock

Password, protection, lock files and other folders, you can encrypt or seconds.


"Password, and other folders to protect the lock can encrypt file or seconds."
indir.biz Editor: Folder Lock speed data encryption and password protection software for Windows is. At the same time to encrypt and password protect files, lock folders, drives, USB drives and even CD / DVD-RW.

Folder Lock creates encrypted store called 'safe'. These special files and folders, such as dressing in a large number with a single click you can keep to protect the password. Size, secure transfer and backup these Lockers. Lockers portable, these USB Flash Drive, CD to keep / DVD (R-RW), & notebooks or e-mail or upload via your PC. Folder Lock is installed, even computer safes are deleted.

Just as a safe physical world, different users can create their own case. A single user can create different passwords in multiple boxes. With Folder Lock, or by using one 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt or lock your computer any files, folders and drives you can choose fly. Her dressing like your personal list of locked items can contain encrypted files.

Furthermore, Folder Lock, such as options, stealth tracking hackers, data shredding, history cleaning, auto protection, portable USB AutoPlay feature & Virtual Keyboard improve data security beyond anything you can get. Also, changing, deleting, move and rename are password protected to prevent data loss is.

Features and Benefits:

On-256-bit AES encryption (military standard) for data security flights.
Backup all your important files and folders easily.
Folder Lock offers full portability is preserved in one place for. CD of your case / DVD or USB drive to save.
Cash and transfer the e-mail or uploaded.
PC where Folder Lock is installed safes are deleted. Deletion requires you to login into Folder Lock. Now you can free download Folder Lock 6.2.5.

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